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Slender The Game (Epic Updates!) READ DESC v1.1.8!

Slender The Game (Epic Updates!) READ DESC v1.1.8!
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This is based of the game Slender.
Search for all 8 pages hidden on the map. (Badges)
I will update From now and then.
(Warning May be Scary)
 I'm Not exacty Sure How Finished this is But Its About 90% Done And Playable, More Updates soon?
This game was made July 2nd 2012.
Also A ton of thanks to Slenderman18 For His Slenderman, You Helped me out a lot! ^^

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1.1.8 Fixed Slendey. No updates for awhile Probably, Well until i find out how to do some more things to the game ^^ 

V1.1.7 Added a Staticey Death To the game
Bug fixes.

V1.1.6 Added Some more Scary Details ^^
Fixed The Slenderman Bug again.

V1.1.5 Added Propane Tanks in the forest

v1.1.4 Finished The fence All the way around the map
Also Fixed the Slenderman Bug
Fixed the Trees Hanging off the side of the map.

V1.1.3  Removed Slendermans Name.
Fixed A Few bugs.
Builder: superkyle332
Joined: 6/16/2009
Updated:1 year ago
Max Players:6
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