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Sinking Ship Simulator V1.1.0

Sinking Ship Simulator V1.1.0
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i was the orignal maker of can you survive a sinking ship, but for reasons of my games being copied i decided to quit making fun games untill now, im bringing back my old games wich will be better than before. News: i have just open this place so feel free to play and have fun, every thing in this game was made by me, no free models, but i may release the ship in this game, no it isnt the titanic, but it may look like it, the reason for that is because i was folowing the blue prints for the titanic but decided to quit the blueprints and make the rest my self. i will be making another map with this same game but with a more cframed ship and better scripted, if this place gets on the front page i will do some makor updates. enjoy. -kaiiak
Builder: kaiiak
Joined: 7/28/2008
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Updated:3 years ago
Max Players:12
Genres:Town and City
Allowed Gear Types: