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Roblox flight simulator X

Roblox flight simulator X
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Guys you will get the tool as you get in pilot seat. Controls: Y turn on engines, M to increase the throttle. N to decrease the throttle. X stop completely. Z is to turn off engines.

When I get the time I will make 4-5 new airplanes and 1 new airport. But that'll be the last update as I am quitting Roblox for good. Maybe I will come back someday, maybe if I get a good computer I will come weekly and update. But if not then I won't. Sorry. Hey Roebuck, Hais, Verbisback and others that I kinda don't remember ( sorry ) I will maybe make all the classic games i've made through the years on Guggi. As my good friend Dave ( Hais, Davedog and Aeuronatics ) gave me a membership. I kinda don't want to give up on roblox as there are so good times i've had in this game. Maybe you will see me as a future game developer, maybe fly with me in an airplane who knows? Well until then, Cya later. :(
Builder: guggi7
Joined: 2/14/2008
Updated:2 years ago
Max Players:8
Allowed Gear Types: