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Roblox Lyoko 3.0 (Legacy Scripting Edition)

Roblox Lyoko 3.0 (Legacy Scripting Edition)
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Server Version: 0.9.8.Legacy =================== Place preserved for legacy purposes. No more updates to Roblox Lyoko, version 3.0, will be made.Place has been deleted. All that is left is the Digital Sea. You will die within a few seconds if you enter this server. (This is a Stock Place for when I totally reformat a Place. When I replace it, this place changes to the new one.) =================== Currently planned to replace this: Secret Project (look for hints in one of my other places, and also my profile, but you need to know at least some Japanese for the clue in my profile :D)
Builder: WackoMcGoose
Joined: 1/8/2008
Updated:4 years ago
Max Players:12
Allowed Gear Types: