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-{Read Description}- The Hunger Games

The Hunger Games [Ran Ads!]_Image
The Hunger Games [Ran Ads!]_Image
The Hunger Games [Ran Ads!]_Image
The Hunger Games [Two New Badges!]_Image
The Hunger Games [Fixed Anti-Exploit Script! :D]_I
The Hunger Games [Fixed Anti-Exploit Script! :D]_I
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Thumbs down: 16
The game is currently boken. I'll give it to FlashMasterJacob to see if he can do anything about it. If he does, congratulate him! If he doesn't, well, this game would now be dead. Sorry about that!

FULL credit to FlashMasterJacob (10cole10, Terratronic)
For all of you saying "you copied this game". Well, I have permission to use the game. You can even ask Terratronic if you want.
UPDATE: This game is basically dead. Special thanks to the ones who brought this back for that time! This wouldn't be the same without you :). I'll miss you alot guys, and so will the game!
 Tell me if you get kicked for no reason.

Map Spawns kit:

You guys wanted it. Here it is! I've got this game back, as I see that v2 wasn't really sucessfull.
Dynamic Lighting is there!


Builder: Untethered
Joined: 6/11/2010
Updated:6 days ago
Max Players:20
Allowed Gear Types: