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Raise a ROkemon™ Read desc!!

Raise a ROkemon™ Read desc!!
Thumbs up: 115
Thumbs down: 71
To play feed your pokemon berrys or fight other pokemon to level up, if your pokemon disapears use pokeport or reset your character and pick the same pokemon you had and use pokeport and it should come back the same level you hadit before :) enjoy

FIXED MORE UPDATES TO COME !!!!! Wild pokemon battles have been added!! 
Pokemon so far
Charmander - evolve forms
Budew- evolve forms
Squirtle - evolve forms
Gastly- evolve forms
Pichu - evolve forms
Magnemite- evolve forms
Chimchar- evolve forms
Bulbasaur- evolve forms
Geodude- evolve forms
Catapie- evolve forms
Pidgey- evolve forms
Weedle - evolve forms
Builder: spaceman1001
Joined: 3/20/2008
Updated:2 years ago
Max Players:12
Allowed Gear Types: