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Raise a ROkemon™ Read desc!! Working, more updates

Raise a ROkemon™ Read desc!! Working, more updates
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Working once more! more update will be coming eventually and i will be making a completely new map :D Enjoy.

To play feed your Pokemon berry's or fight other Pokemon to level up, if your Pokemon disappears use poke-port or reset your character and pick the same Pokemon you had and use poke-port and it should come back the same level you had it before :) enjoy

FIXED MORE UPDATES TO COME !!!!! Wild pokemon battles have been added!! 
Pokemon so far
Charmander - evolve forms
Budew- evolve forms
Squirtle - evolve forms
Gastly- evolve forms
Pichu - evolve forms
Magnemite- evolve forms
Chimchar- evolve forms
Bulbasaur- evolve forms
Geodude- evolve forms
Catapie- evolve forms
Pidgey- evolve forms
Weedle - evolve forms
Builder: spaceman1001
Joined: 3/20/2008
Updated:1 week ago
Max Players:12
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