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RPG(Evils curse) Free VIP

RPG(Evils curse)Super vip works in new servers_Ima
RPG(Evils curse)Super vip works in new servers_Ima
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VIP offsale due to no BC
Remember if anyone admin abuses let me know.
100 percent done.  
If you ask for free admin or free leveling up or free vip more than 3 times and i say no it will result in kick. Also dont ask for swords. No asking for armour.


Super Vip=

Admin Room= (Under Construction)

 Admins are ionguy23,pikawho,pankakax,blocky3546,ssssssssss21,colebrehm,patryk1665,Pikawho, xXPoofXx,EliteStealthWarcher and skillfulstoneyer. If any of thease admins abuse pm me and they will lose admin. 

 let me know about any problems.
Builder: ironguy23
Joined: 8/11/2012
Updated:5 months ago
Max Players:8
Allowed Gear Types: