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⋆✮★ROblocks™ - The Game★✮⋆

⋆✮★ROblocks™ - The Game★✮⋆
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Please Fav! [[[If you beat it, please take a screenshot and save it as a decal for proof!  Thanks!]]] ---*Note: Less than 5% of the people who've came here have don't be too confident. >:)* Welcome to ROblocks!  The obby type 2D game.  There are currently 8 levels increasing in difficulty.  Do you think you've got crazy obby skills?  Do you think you're good enough to beat this game?  Only one way to find out...  --- ROblocks™ 2 will be coming at 10k visits OR 1k favs!  Pm me with any problems or suggestions.  Have fun! ---  FAQ: Yes, it is possible. :P - Yes, I do realize that your body goes up when you die.  This is to avoid people dieing but still touching the spawn. - Yes, it's hard. :P - There is no VIP because if you want to win, you're gunna have to work for it. :3  ---  Tags: awesome lol funny obby fight blue white black pink yellow food feed nintendo roblox telamon paintball draw hardest funnest fun long epic rainbow insane fall block build tycoon rpg roleplay crazy b
Builder: Xonen
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