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By joining ROBLOX, you can:
  • Make friends
  • Change your character
  • Make your own game
  • Join groups
  • Use gear items


ROBLOX Hiking_Image
ROBLOX Hiking_Image
ROBLOX Hiking Minigames_Image
ROBLOX Hiking_Image
ROBLOX Hiking_Image
ROBLOX Hiking_Image
ROBLOX Hiking (New Gear)_Image
ROBLOX Hiking_Image
ROBLOX Hiking (New Gear)_Image
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Hike up various trails to rack up hiking experience and collect gold.  With your gold, buy gear to enhance game play.  All stats and gear save. Re-pick the gear you want each life by clicking on the store, then on gear you have already bought -Put gear in your starterpack by double clicking.

There are 4 ways to get gold:
1) Hike on the trail to gain hiking experience. Exchange your hiking experience to gold.

2) Find gold by exploring the map. There are 240 pieces of gold with a total value of 492.

3) Win minigames! There are [14] minigames scattered throughout the map. Winning minigames also gets you badges!

4) Battle others in Battle Mode.  Each time you deal damage, you get Damage exp which automatically exchanges to Gold.

Version 1.4
Builder: TheAmazeman
Joined: 9/24/2008
Updated:1 month ago
Max Players:10
Allowed Gear Types: