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By joining ROBLOX, you can:
  • Make friends
  • Change your character
  • Make your own game
  • Join groups
  • Use gear items

R2D Open Alpha [1.1.4] Bat and M1 Garand

R2D Open Alpha [1.1.1] Votekick_Image
R2D Open Alpha [1.1.1] Votekick_Image
R2D Open Alpha [1.1.4] Bat and M1 Garand_Image
R2D -Reconstruction in progress.._Image
R2D Open Alpha [1.1.3] Pipebombs_Image
R2D - Resurrection BETA 1.0.10_Image
R2D Resurrection BETA 1.0.65_Image
Reason 2 Die - Resurrection BETA 1.0.22_Image
Thumbs up: 1,249
Thumbs down: 382
Guns: Check Inventory and Store
f - open doors
shift while near ammo station to reload
q - lights, handguns doesnt have light
Everything bought will be saved. Inkl, cash and guns and items.
Click subscribe in inventory to auto refill your items once they are empty.
HOW TO VOTEKICK: Open leaderboard by clicking Open over the names at the left in game screen mode.
Click a name > Click Vote kick to start vote.
4 more yes than no = kick
6 more yes than no = server ban

BROKEN? Click the error button next to Menu button and send me the message.
Joined: 4/29/2008
Updated:5 hours ago
Max Players:18
Allowed Gear Types: