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R.I.P- Erik.Cassel <3 (Funeral for Erik)----------

R.I.P- Erik.Cassel <3 (Funeral for Erik)----------
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R.I.P Erik R.I.P. For all those people that celebrate his death thank u. We will remember him in our <3s. 
                   Rest In Peace Erik ;c.
In memory of Erik.Cassel Co Founder of Roblox. No matter how many shadows invade this land. Your spark of the purest brilliance, will never fade... we will always remember and cherish your presence in our memories. 

May you finally find the peace that have you been seeking all this while...
                  R.I.P The Purest Spark, In the land,
Joined: 1/1/2012
Updated:1 year ago
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