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Practice For 2014 ROBLOX Winter Games - Snowboardi

2014 ROBLOX Winter Games!_Image
2014 ROBLOX Winter Games!_Image
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Get ready for the ROBLOX Winter Games!  We're allowing a sneak peekl at one of the events this year.  Feel free to comment any/all opinions on glitches/updates that need our attention. 

Kicking off the Winter Games tradition, 2014, the first year, will be the BEST.  Make sure you've got the gear to give you a boost in this Multi-game universe, to earn your prizes!  Practice here as hard as you can to prepare for these.

Just a tip, having the Cloud 9 Snowboard,  Team ROBLOX, Team ROBLOX Snowboard Helmet, and Team ROBLOX Beanie will all help, in their own special ways.

Disclaimer, not actual 2014 Winter Games.
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