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Possession - Bloxy Winner 2013

� Possession �_Image
� Possession �_Image
Possession - Bloxy Winner 2013._Image
Thumbs up: 7,711
Thumbs down: 1,192
One of those among you is possessed, it can change forms to anyone you know. Trust nobody, question everything.
BEING GHOST: Ghost is chosen randomly, you get a higher chance with higher Karma.

KARMA: Karma is gained by surviving rounds, and is lost by killing innocent survivors. 50 is good -50 is really bad. Karma will affect in-game benefits such as zapper damage, getting ghost, and if you're kicked lol.
Inspired by: Deception Infection
Thanks to Flosky for the Caves map.
Builder: Narutoworl
Joined: 7/9/2008
Updated:1 week ago
Max Players:16
Allowed Gear Types: