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Police chase

Police chase
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Police: please do not teamkill, nor chase another team member. Also, please do not attempt to chase a criminal that is already out of the ciy area.
Criminals:Please do not teamkill, or attempt to rob another player on your team. Also, please do not attempt to rob a police man/lady at any time in the game.


Police: Cath the criminals and bring them to justice!
Criminals: Escape the Police and get out of the city! Only then, when you get out of the city, nobody can jail you or rob you.

Roleplaying rules: You are allowed to make a gang and drive around the city, but please do not start mating or anything like that.
Builder: Plungeit
Joined: 11/20/2011
Updated:2 years ago
Max Players:20
Allowed Gear Types: