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Pokemon Legends V.2 [Read Description Please]

Pokemon Legends V.2 [Victini Event]_Image
Pokemon Legends V.2 [Victini Event]_Image
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Pokemon Legends V.2[V.I.P IS BACK ON SALE!!!]_Imag
Pokemon Legends V.2 [Yveltal Added & Fixed GUI!!!]
Pokemon Legends V.2 [Read the Description] _Image
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Recently there has been complaints about the moves being broken. Apparently there was a ROBLOX update that broke it so blame ROBLOX not me. I've also been having to study and do a lot of work lately for school so I can get good grades and I don't have time to get on ROBLOX anymore. I barley have time to make even the little updates on P.L. so I'm not sure if I will even find time to fix the moves. Sorry to let you guys down but the soonest I would be able to fix it would be in the summer when I don't have to worry about school. Hopefully ROBLOX is able to fix the problem with the attacks and not me. Guess this is it for now though ):
Joined: 7/4/2010
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