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Pokemon Adventures - Read Desc.

Roblox Broke It!_Image
Roblox Broke It!_Image
Pokemon Adventures - READ DESC. [HUGE UPDATE]_Imag
Pokemon Adventures - READ DESC._Image
Pokemon Adventures - Temporarily Offline_Image
Pokemon Adventures - READ DESC. [New Menu GUI]_Ima
Pokemon Adventures - READ DESC._Image
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I fixed it... so annoying ughh
Pokemon Re:coded Preview:

Fixed Nurse Joy's kill spree BUT you might have to push the reset character button to kill yourself if you find yourself unable to move

Note: I may shutdown to fix something so save often!
* Level cap is 55 * 
[If you get stuck, press More then Unstick]

Remember to save often! Saves are MANUAL they are NOT automatic.

Message me the name of any people with suspiciously leveled Pokemon (ie level 56+ Pokemon) or exploiters. I will delete their save data remotely.

- if your map is ever invisible, it's usually because it's loading
This is not EXACTLY like Kanto, just BASED ON it. It has some Pokemon from gens 1-4.
Builder: IlIll
Joined: 8/28/2011
Updated:4 days ago
Max Players:9
Allowed Gear Types: