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The Murder V.1 (New MAP!)

The Murder V.1 (New MAP!)_Image
The Murder V.1 (New MAP!)_Image
(VIP Sales) MineBlox - Build A House & Survive!_Im
Thumbs up: 9,518
Thumbs down: 3,886
PP aka Player points has been added, Every time you play this game you get 50 PP, I think its per day or Per every time you go in this game.
If you get 1 survive that you survived in you get 100 PP, I'm going to add that soon, So don't worry

Ultra VIP If you, Press "Add To Favorite" Button
Free Mega VIP, If you Press "Add To Thumbs up" Button

Lets make a Contest:
Lets make a deal If i get 9200 Thumbs up, I Will make all VIP CHEAP :d
If I get 3,950 Thumbs down, I won't make all VIP'S For 40,30 robux

IHow to used VIP: Touch VIp box. X and leave and touch it again. And then reset and you get the VIP item.
Builder: OliverQueens
Joined: 7/15/2011
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Updated:2 days ago
Max Players:10
Allowed Gear Types: