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★Guess The Emoji★ Desc

★Guess The Emoji★_Image
★Guess The Emoji★_Image
★Guess The Emoji★ ~ By Graubaek + RoyMer_Image
★Guess The Emoji★_Image
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Ask me for free admin, or any VIPs and you will be ignored. 

Admin DOES work, just read the commands in the description of the gamepass, if you come to my game in my server complaining to me admin commands don't work... you'll be ignored. They are old commands so that you may not abuse other players. 

Enjoy the game. This took ALOT of time and dedication. 

+ As far as I know this is an original game. I haven't seen anyone who has made a game like this before. 

The number in the corner of the room is how many letters there will be in the Emoji. 

Any bugs/glitches message me.
Builder: Graubaek
Joined: 11/12/2008
Updated:1 month ago
Max Players:11
Allowed Gear Types: