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Egg Hunt 2014 - GG NO RE

Egg Hunt 2014_Image
Egg Hunt 2014_Image
Thumbs up: 13,938
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Lucky Lapin, collector of many rare and fabulous eggs, has been attacked by Rabid Rabbit, his evil counterpart from an alternative

Rabid and his minion horde planned to kidnap Lucky, steal his eggs for themselves and escape back to their own Eggverse. But something went wrong... in their escape, the teleport device used by Rabid and his minions malfunctioned.

An unknown number of eggs are now scattered across the Eggverse, in different places and times; some even managed to sneak out on
Where are they? Will you find them all?

Some are easy to find.
Some are difficult.
Some require individual cunning.
Some require teamwork.
Some are the key to being able to progress through the hunt.

Battle the minions, find the lost eggs, and make your way to Rabid's fortress to free Lucky and save the Eggverse. T
Builder: Games
Joined: 4/24/2007
Updated:3 months ago
Max Players:1
Allowed Gear Types: