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Blox Hunt | v1.4.4

Blox Hunt | New Dominus Badge! |  v1.3.7_Image
Blox Hunt | New Dominus Badge! |  v1.3.7_Image
Blox Hunt | New Face Changer Gamepass! |  v1.3.5_I
Blox Hunt  | New Shipping Yard Map! | v1.2.0_Image
Blox Hunt  | Hat and Point Shop!| v1.1.6_Image
Blox Hunt_Image
Blox Hunt | 1.0.0 | New Lab Map!_Image
Blox Hunt | Beta: 1.7.0 | New Map!_Image
Thumbs up: 8,046
Thumbs down: 781
Blox Hunt is based off of Garry's Mod/TF2's "Prop Hunt" and popular Minecraft server's "Block Hunt" in which you become objects to hide in the surroundings. This is NOT a recreation Prop Hunt or Block Hunt, but uses ideas from them.

This is the full release of Blox Hunt. It should be stable without any major bugs. If you happen to find a bug, please message or tweet me @Lion2323RBLX.

-Fixed Face Changer button
-Fixed Help button
-Point shop is back! Thanks to Wsly for the help! :D

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Builder: lion2323
Joined: 7/31/2009
Updated:4 days ago
Max Players:12
Allowed Gear Types: