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Pilot Paradise™

Pilot Paradise™ (ALL PLANES FIXED)_Image
Pilot Paradise™ (ALL PLANES FIXED)_Image
Pilot Paradise™ (New Plane!)_Image
Thumbs up: 674
Thumbs down: 109
If you abuse the military planes by attacking innocent people, then the people in the server as well as the admins have every right to kick/ban/loopkill you from that server.


18/38 planes have the new updates at the moment.  Blackbird will get a complete rebuild here to fix the parts falling off.


To be half-VIP, join this group:

Basic Controls:
X/Z - Stop/Off
M/N - Speed up/Slow down
U/J - Up/Down (Helis and blimps)
R - Landing Gear
L - Level Plane
V, click on plane, F (B on Phoenix) - Fire
G - Open/Close Hatches
E - Lights
C - Change camera (views radar as well)
P (hold) - Refuel, engine must be off and near gas tanks.
Builder: Zephyrical
Joined: 7/6/2009
Updated:2 weeks ago
Max Players:14
Allowed Gear Types: