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Pilot Paradise™ (Update)

Pilot Paradise™ (Update)_Image
Pilot Paradise™ (Update)_Image
Pilot Paradise™ (ALL PLANES FIXED)_Image
Pilot Paradise™ (New Plane!)_Image
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Thumbs down: 120
Rock Island got a major face lift.  Still working on some minor details on it, but its finished for the most part.  Temporarily removed some teams.

You no longer have to wear the VIP shirt in game to get into the VIP room (new servers only).

If you abuse the military planes by attacking innocent people, then the people in the server as well as the admins have every right to kick/ban/loopkill you from that server.

18/38 planes have the new updates at the moment.


To be half-VIP, join this group:

Basic Controls:
X/Z - Stop/Off
M/N - Speed up/Slow down
U/J - Up/Down (Helis and blimps)
R - Landing Gear
L - Level Plane
V, click on plane, F (B on Phoenix) - Fire
G - Open/Close Hatches
E - Lights
C - Change camera (views radar as well)
P (hold) - Refuel, engine must be off and near gas tanks.
Builder: Zephyrical
Joined: 7/6/2009
Updated:3 hours ago
Max Players:15
Allowed Gear Types: