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--===PLANE WARS===--

--===PLANE WARS===--
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UPDATE: 1) gave the planes a good retexturing. 2) fixed the bug where you couldnt get the welcoming badge 3) finally patched those holes... 4) captures should always work now ---------- you were on your way to paradise, minding your own business...when other people turn up and start blowing your plane up! be sure to fight back, you can make an enemy plane plummet to the ground by blowing up the drivers seat (*ahem*), tailwing, and the two side wings! but thats not all. you must also capture the enemy flag, placed by the driver's seat, and return it to your plane, so be sure to guard your own plane as well! (credit to Dignity and Alloy12 for the antilag script) (i have remade this description since the original was deleted for reasons we possibly know...)
Builder: Joe890
Joined: 1/5/2008
Updated:4 years ago
Max Players:9
Allowed Gear Types: