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▲ Otis Elevators™ ▼

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▲ OTIS Elevators™ ▼_Image
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Welcome to OTIS. We give you excellent quality elevators, with sleek, high quality button fixtures, bell indicators, arrow indicators, and floor indicators. We also provide you escalators  and moving walkways too. So order your OTIS elevator today!
OTIS Elevator Company is the largest company ever made on ROBLOX, and has the most elevators on one company. We will offer you high quality elevators simply for example: 5 floor elevator: 500 R$. These elevators are somewhat cheap, but they may not be exactly cheap as the Series 1, but the OTIS Series 3 (GEN2) is one of the most expensive elevators in ROBLOX. Come check out the largest company, and buy an elevator from us today!
OTIS. Above all, Number one, in any language, OTIS says excellence.
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