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Original Donut Tycoon! 5K VISITS!

Original Donut Tycoon! 5K VISITS!
Thumbs up: 6
Thumbs down: 2
Welcome to the Original donut tycoon! I've been working hard to make sure the game runs nice and the prices are reasonable so stop on in, take your time and build the donut factory, then go across the bridge and build the dunkin' donuts!
Shutdown = updates!
It takes h01:m49:s42 to complete this tycoon Have fun!
recent updates-
New item to buy!
$17000 Upgrade fixed

Previous updates-
Prices fixed
Lag fixed
New Game Pass
New obby's
Slowed production speed for less build-up
Shorter bridge to get across faster
Cars for transportation
Office stuff fixed
Sell donuts for more
New Gamepass shop
Builder: Badtothebones
Joined: 7/8/2009
Updated:1 day ago
Max Players:6
Genres:Town and City
Allowed Gear Types: