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Nuclear Weapons Tycoon - Work halted for a bit...

Nuclear Weapons Tycoon - Work halted for a bit...
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PLEASE READ:During my Holidays, I'm gonna try and get something to work, IF YOU HAVE ANY KNOWLEDGE OF HOW TO CREATE MONEY SYSTEMS, A BUY SYSTEM OR HAVE ANY IDEAS, PLEASE MESSAGE ME! Everythings left for everyone to look at, and you can still visit the site :) 

You can't do anything yet, sorry guys, . 

The aim IS to buy a small yield bomb a the start and a delivery system (Silo, plane, sub etc) and work your way up to the ultimate 50 megaton bomb, each bomb earns you a different amount of money, ingeneous huh? CHANGELOG:::FALLOUT SHELTER ADDED, 10 KILOTON BOMB ADDED, PICTURE GLITCH SOLVED, 5 MEGATON BOMB ADDED, FENCE ADDED, STILL TRYIN TO GET SCRIPTS DONE :) FOR SOME REASON THE 10 MEGATON WARHEAD,SORTED:::
Builder: Krumb
Joined: 10/25/2008
Updated:4 years ago
Max Players:8
Allowed Gear Types: