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.:☢Nuclear Bomb Testing Facility☢:.©

.:☢Nuclear Bomb Testing Facility☢:.©_Image
.:☢Nuclear Bomb Testing Facility☢:.©_Image
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PLEASE THUMBS UP AND FAVOURITE :) Welcome to the 1# Nuclear Bomb Testing Facility in ROBLOX! Enjoy the sight as you activate a nuke in the greatest of locations. A canyon. 

Update 01.31.2014 ~ Added Shooting Range. Upgraded the Armoury and Laboratory. Adjusted some lag causers. (REDUCED LAG)

Admins: Ryanblaze. Currently recruiting admins for my game.

Vote Kick: kick [player]
Builder: Ryanblaze
Joined: 12/9/2008
Updated:5 months ago
Max Players:8
Allowed Gear Types: