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North American Domination

North American Domination
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Note that all of their units are in the backpack as tools. This is a minibuilding game set in the continental United States of America in the fallout universe. I built the original map of most of North America for this place back in 2010 when it was about 1/4th of the current size. ________________________________________
Rules: No spamming, No resizing units, No deleting, No WMDs, Only vault citizens can have vaults, Nothing can destroy a vault door or break into a vault, No God Modding, No tanks (that are better than the one already in game), No navies or anything related. If someone wants to be left alone, leave them alone. Don't try to justify everything that you do when it is obviously not fair, otherwise known as god modding. In general do not act like a jerk. This game is MEANT to be enjoyed by more than one person per server.
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Builder: clanky4
Joined: 10/21/2009
Updated:1 week ago
Max Players:10
Allowed Gear Types: