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Need For Speed World 40% (1 City Added!)

Need For Speed World 10% (ITS BACK + NEW UPDATE)_I
Need For Speed World 10% (ITS BACK + NEW UPDATE)_I
Need For Speed World 2% completed_Image
Thumbs up: 117
Thumbs down: 30
Important: update will be coming very soon 

Current Version 1.3 Still in alpha

Currently 8+ cars in the game

1.3 update
- Added city 3 bridge
- worked on city 2 a little
- Extra roads and highways leading to the main highway

What will be included in the future of this game?
-3 Major Cities To drive to and race
- Custimization Shop/ Paint Shop
- 30+ Street racing Cars
- 5+ Cop cars
- Power Ups

- i am not the creator of the cars 
- I AM the creator of the maps and the scripts of some of the cars
- i honestly dont think that if you use free models u cant build cause look how beatiful this game looks the only thing i got freemodels was the cars thats about it i will give them credit in the game when its all finished at least i told the truth unlike others

Music player by : Coolguy37
Builder: sami784
Joined: 3/29/2009
Updated:1 week ago
Max Players:15
Genres:Town and City
Allowed Gear Types: