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Name That! *100 Stages* *VIP*

Name That! *UC*_Image
Name That! *UC*_Image
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*Save/Load* *VIP* *Dynamic Lighting*
*5 levels and 100 stages!!!*
*playable on iphone, ipod and ipad (no lag)*

Are you ready to test you intelligence in various types of categories? You have to name the pictures shown on the screen. There are 5 levels and 100 stages. Hint:- You can use the internet for help. Instructions:- Type in the name of the picture in the chat bar (NO CAPS) and go till the end because there is a special prize waiting for you :D. The five levels are:- 1) Name That Character, 2) Name That Person (Real Life), 3) Names/Items In ROBLOX 4) Name That Game 5) Randomized ( I will ask anything from any other categories ). If you have any doubts pm me the stage number and I will tell you the answer. Have Fun!! :)

Tags:- ROBLOX, name that, name that character, character naming, name that person, cartoon quiz, quiz, general knowledge, test you intelligence, see how smart you are, brain teaser, naming game, etc..
Builder: chris3940
Joined: 4/5/2009
Updated:3 months ago
Max Players:15
Allowed Gear Types: