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NBC Grand Mall of Robloxia (Beta 3)

NBC Grand Mall of RobloxIa  (Alpha 10) _Image
NBC Grand Mall of RobloxIa  (Alpha 10) _Image
(UPDATED!) NBC Grand Mall of Robloxia (Beta 2)_Ima
{Read Desc} [NBC] Grand Mall of Robloxia (Alpha 8)
Thumbs up: 3,069
Thumbs down: 377

I've updated the mall to have a few performance improvements (should be notice-able on slower PCs), bug fixes, skybox fix, and a few other things. Enjoy!

PS: Here are a few bugs that I remember fixing off the top of my head in Beta 3:

-Checkout not popping up
-Changing room breaking
-Mousing over wouldnt work
-Editing store glitches
-Trying to open help GUI in catalog glitched

And here are a few things I've improved:
-30 second auto-save, no more need for manual, saving, which wasn't removed, just modified to no longer show a "saving" screen
-You can now save 50 more items! (thats 20% more!)

BC Version:
Builder: ScriptOn
Joined: 8/22/2010
Updated:2 weeks ago
Max Players:50
Allowed Gear Types: