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My Little Pony Roleplay

My Little Pony Roleplay (Major update)_Image
My Little Pony Roleplay (Major update)_Image
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Starting to update more... But still little.


If you lag at start, just wait a few minutes or so. It should go away. If you don't lag, you're just like me! :D

WIP means Work in Progress. There is no VIP whatsoever.

I don't remove something just because someone asks. I will remove something if I want to, or if one of my admins ask to.

This is my My Little Pony roleplay. I do update it, although not too frequent. If you have a character suggestion, just PM me. Make sure you have the decal, though. On Public Domain.
Everything is copyright of their respectful owners.
Yes, I am taking Fan Character requests. Just make sure you have the decal made.

Remember, you can get kicked if you break one of ROBLOX's rules, or are just plain-out annoying (like, a spammer).
3 kicks = 1 ban.
Builder: 23toon
Joined: 12/21/2009
Updated:3 weeks ago
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