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Musical chairs [Read Description]

Musical chairs [Read Description]
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Musical Chairs! Or is it? Not nesaccarily! We built roads, houses, civilization, and more! Explore this by going out side of the main building (The musical chair building) and looking at all our contruction! (Took 2 days just to build roads. ;n;) The rest I made with a little.. Okay ALOT of help from my friends cx!
I'd like to give most of the credit to FriedFriend who helped with the audio and idedas x3 The game pass to access VIP isnt available because I lost my BC.. qq However, if you're friends with one of the people who have a door, you wont get one, but you will have access to the vip area! :D And now the DJ booth is an accessory, since I don't need it anymore now that I finally figured out how to put kohls admin in which took a Looooong time.. but the place ended up to be REALLY COOL! and if you're bored in the lobby THERES SOOO MUCH YOU CAN DO :3
Enjoy! :D
Builder: jackande8
Joined: 2/16/2013
Updated:3 months ago
Max Players:30
Allowed Gear Types: