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Military Flight Simulator™ 2012

Military Flight Simulator™ 2012_Image
Military Flight Simulator™ 2012_Image
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Thumbs down: 8
Brand new Update: F-18 Hornet! An excellent flight simulator with many aircrafts to choose from. This simulator can be used for training for dogfights,to test your skill, or become an ace pilot! I suggest you try this highly state-of-the-art  simulator! Have fun in the skies! Contains the anti-lag script so you can play this game without any lag! More planes,carriers,weapons,platforms,helis, and scripts coming soon! Brand new Aircraft Carrier and new and improved A-10.
Builder: MrShoaib
Joined: 1/20/2011
Updated:7 months ago
Max Players:10
Allowed Gear Types: