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Medieval Mountains [Fixed!]

Medieval Mountains [Fixed!]
Thumbs up: 423
Thumbs down: 44
Latest update:
Horses are fixed, safezones are entirely safe now and new transform tool.
Press q twice for wings. Shift for boost.

Note about future updates:
The first thing I want is that everything works, so if I need to fix something let me know. In the meantime I am working on bigger updates which take more time.
Vip is only sold by Nawtz and no-one else.
Made by Nawtz&brinker7
Medieval Mountains admins: 
Nawtz, Brinker7, nawtz1 woot3, Crosboow, Buildthomas, Tjejoker80, 
Katomii, Cinnamonpancake, Ivorblox, Minnie1, Noobzzze, ExpensiveBlue, maartenT, Jelly10547, Dishling, misterman17, Einnel, Goopop1, porygons2username , diablock, 10000000Pies and skyress1000. If someone else is using admin commands it's an exploiter.
Builder: Nawtz
Joined: 4/26/2009
Updated:2 weeks ago
Max Players:30
Allowed Gear Types: