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[Mech] Boys Vs Girls Island Wars

[Mech] Boys Vs Girls Island Wars
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Well, It's back to the original version.

Comment or Pm me if you liked the multiple maps
-Mech added and fixed
-Spawn glitch fixed
-Crouch added (Press c)
-remove heli's
-Re added scopes for snipers.
-Planes are a bit smoother 

*How to Fly the planes*
-Step 1: Get your tool, (If it's in your backpack press~ then drag it to your tools)
-Step 2: Once you've obtain your tool press y then it will fly.
-Step3: F to shoot missiles,E to shoot bullets,and B to bomb.

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Builder: tadcool
Joined: 5/24/2009
Updated:2 hours ago
Max Players:16
Allowed Gear Types: