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Mall Tycoon (Original)

Mall Tycoon (GRAND OPENING!)_Image
Mall Tycoon (GRAND OPENING!)_Image
Mall Tycoon (GRAND OPENING!)_Image
Thumbs up: 124
Thumbs down: 18
Play Now! Updates: Added new stuff like Ro-Maze and a different GUI in your inventory. Also added new most popular shirts. *Note* All Shirts here are made by "DamageGamerBoy". Thanks!
Update: I fixed the tables falling apart.
Build your own mall and become the richest owner!
All the items that you purchase in the clothing stores are purchasable for your character to wear! Click on the shirt in-game for more info.
Badges from 2010 version. Play Now!
Builder: thunder1222
Joined: 7/7/2009
Updated:3 months ago
Max Players:6
Genres:Town and City
Allowed Gear Types: