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- Lost in the Jurassic -

- Lost in the Jurassic - [Updates Fixes!]_Image
- Lost in the Jurassic - [Updates Fixes!]_Image
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THIS GAME WAS AN ATTEMPT AT SOMETHING CALLED "The Noobum Dare" which in many ways is similar to the Ludum Dare. I was to make a game within 24 hours, and try to get it to the front page in ANY possible way.

I succeeded.

You've been sent to a research facility in the depths of a Jungle, where they discovered how to genetically remake DINOSAURS.

But now they recently broke out, and been let out into the jungle...

Hints: To drive faster, unequip your gun.
Eggs are hidden throughout the map now, which you can pick up for cash. (They are redirected towards research)
Builder: NoobumDare
Joined: 12/31/2011
Updated:4 months ago
Max Players:12
Allowed Gear Types: