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London Underground Simulator: Piccadilly line.

London Underground Simulator: Piccadilly line.
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Home to 52 stations, 5 of which being home to Heathrow, the Piccadilly line is by far the busiest underground line in the world. The line holds a record for Shortest distance between 2 ajacent stations. Those 2 stations being: Leicester Square and Covent Garden. Try finding these 4 stations: 
    York Road (closed 1932) (between King's Cross St Pancras and Caledonian Road)
    Down Street (closed 1932) (between Hyde Park Corner and Green Park)
    Brompton Road (closed 1934) (between South Kensington and Knightsbridge)
    Osterley & Spring Grove (closed 1934) (between Boston Manor and Osterley)
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