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Kung Fu Panda

Kung Fu Panda
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The awesome Asian-complementing Kung-Fu awesome action-comedy movie game!
P.S... It's better than it looks in the picture. Change team spawns have been added by popular request.
If you are a prisoner, you must complete a miniature obby to escape Chorh-Gom Prison.
'Everybody was Kung-Fu Fightin'!'
For some reason, the noodle restraunt's walls can be walked right through...
It would be nice if you didn't spawnkill.
The Super Jump tool is to get around easier and to represent how high and far the furious five can jump. It can be retrieved by touching the dragon scroll. Use your ninja skills to get it! It is in the VIP room. Guards are spawned at Chorh-Gom Prison behind the trees and are meant to try to stop prisoners from escaping.
'We are noodlefolk. Broth runs deep through our veins.'
The dragon scroll is now included in the jade palace.
I have now improved the temple, and I also finished the vil
Builder: PunyBoi12
Joined: 10/12/2009
Updated:1 year ago
Max Players:8
Allowed Gear Types: