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How To Get Red Banded Top Hat

How To Get Red Banded Top Hat
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Well..I made this place because well I get alot of messages asking me on how to get RBTH so I make this place on how to get it. 1. Find a Bug on ROBLOX. 2. Once you found that bug message Sorcus the bug. 3. Once you have done that then wait for a couple of days and if you haven't received it in the pass week show the bug to reesemcblox and she will probably tell sorcus in real life to take a look at it. Well I'm glad to help. Anything wrong? E-Mail or follow ROBLOX for more information. I hope I helped you guys with your dream hat. Good Luck! The best 4 Retextures I love and the creators are IBarragel and Juanda123! Got Amazing retextures? Send them to those to to check it out and I might add it here!
Builder: cw12323
Joined: 4/29/2011
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