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Haunted Cart Ride!!

Haunted Cart Ride!!
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The info stands have the answers to most of your questions! ______________________________________________________________ There are 3 secret rooms to find! Can you find them all?
When I first started building this game back in 09 I wanted to create a cart game that required some user input and thought to complete. Most cart ride games require you to press the "Go" button and wait 20 minutes until you get to the end with nothing requiring you to even watch. I didn't want to make a pIlOt YoUr cArT oNe bIlLiOn mIlEs tO bE vIp!!!. I wanted to change cart ride games into something more than that. So I added some obstacles to avoid, an elevator, a ramp, and some secrets in to find!
Builder: Nivek426
Joined: 8/21/2008
Updated:1 year ago
Max Players:7
Allowed Gear Types: