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The Juice Box®
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The Juice Box®

               Welcome to The Juice Box®!
Have fun with your friends, Work at the smoothie bar or even go swimming in the water! Have fun anyway you can at The Juice Box®!
~ Founded in September of 2013!
~ First popular Smoothie place to open on ROBLOX!

            #JuicyJuice #Smoothies #Healthy 

Motto:  [Smoothies At It's Sweetest]
Hiring: [Limited/No]
Fun:    [Absolutely]  

Job App:

Uniform:   [Boy] Group Store.  [Girl]  Group Store. 

Do you have any ideas for The Juice Box? Or maybe a new partnership? Message our CEO or president.
[Join Today And Become A Juicer] 

All items in the cafe are reserved and can not copied, Trying to copy our items will exile you and or make you a threat to the group.

All Rights Reserved®

 Dunkin' Donuts, Fabrication®,  


Comedown to the cafe, have some nice donuts to start up the day! :)
admin123321 4/21/2014 11:18:16 AM
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The Juice Box® Council
|Pinewood Builders|

Groups have the ability to create and sell official shirts, pants, and t-shirts! All revenue goes to group funds.

Funds: 861 4K+
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