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Want a job? Go to the interview center and view the times located in the place's description. 
Can't remember a recipe? Seek out our cookbook!
Starbucks® was created 6/26/13 and was the first realistic coffee group ever created in ROBLOX. Our mission is to provide the most realistic experience in the virtual world of Robloxia. Our staff must be the best of the best in order to be hired, and will do their damnedest to ensure that your experience was Fun, Realistic, and above all else, Starbucks...
Mugs Costa Fabrication Sparkletime Kestrel Tiger Coffee Starbux 
Want to ally? Send a ally request. [[REQUIREMENTS]] Your group must have 500 or 500+ members to ally with Starbucks.

Personal Servers
FireTrap ®
[Starbucks] Moderation Team
Club Tiesto
Chicken Express®
[Starbucks] Community Outreach Team
[USA] Lumidas & Zeyad567 {2014}
[Starbucks] Security
Epix Incorporated
State of Rockport

Groups have the ability to create and sell official shirts, pants, and t-shirts! All revenue goes to group funds.

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