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Apocalypse Roleplay (Zombies)
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Apocalypse Roleplay (Zombies)

Welcome to the most advanced zombie roleplay group on ROBLOX as of 10/20/13
The 20th of every six months is a year in the roleplay. Please don't join if you're not going to be active. Here are the rules:
1) No overpowering yourself. (Don't give yourself an assault rifle at the start)

2) Keep it real. (No power-bending, super powers, or other unrealistic things)

3) you may cuss; just censor it.

4) No getting random supplies. If you need to build something, limit what you have.
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"We're not sure, but we found some survivors outside the fleet infected so it's not just the ship. And like I said you may find people you got separated with."
"Hey, Jayson, look, its a light! Its red!" AI pointed to the flare.
Looking off on the horizon, Toki see's a helicopter flying, quickly thinking, "Moto, give me your flare" he grabbed it and shot it in the air, hoping that they would see it in the daylight
Cortez nodded. "What sickness?" Janine held Tommy close.
"But I must warn you, there is a sickness going on, were going to put you and the kids in a clean ship with some other survivors. Your child is our top priority along with all other children."
"Hot showers?! I havent had a shower in awhile....." Janine smiled. // Claire coughed. // Sari and AI peeked out. "So pretty~" Ai smiled.
"About 40 minutes. We've got a few other children here, a gym, HOT showers if you can believe it, and a shooting range because most people will end up going on supply runs for the people."
While running toward the radio station, a door broke down and a ton of walkers came out and grabbed Maki "GAH!!" "KEEP MOVING," Toki yelled, they made it to the radio station, "We have to go to the top" Said Moto, they climbed the ladder and began to work on the radio
"So how far is this base?" Cortez asked curiously. // "Hey, Ai, lets go look how far we are from the ground!" Sari smiled.
The helicopter took off.
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