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Apocalypse Roleplay (Zombies)
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Apocalypse Roleplay (Zombies)

Welcome to the most advanced zombie roleplay group on ROBLOX as of 10/20/13
The 20th of every six months is a year in the roleplay. Please don't join if you're not going to be active. Here are the rules:
1) No overpowering yourself. (Don't give yourself an assault rifle at the start)

2) Keep it real. (No power-bending, super powers, or other unrealistic things)

3) you may cuss; just censor it.

4) No getting random supplies. If you need to build something, limit what you have.
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While eating pancakes, Sariah heard a knock on the door, her dad quickly grabbed her and put he in the cuboard, "no matter what, do not come out of there"
(oh,I thought he hit the ground)
(roxie caught him. :\)(but fien)
(hey if you fell 1-15 feet on your back after you'd been shot,you'd probably go into a coma)
Riley trained with his Uncle, "C'mon Riley. Try to counter my attacks. Stay focused." Haythem attacked. Riley quickly bounced Haythem's attack off him with his knife and attacked, "See. Just like that. One more time."
(I'm planning on august to go into a coma)
Sariah woke up in her bed, she walked into the kitchen to the smell of pancakes, "Hmmm, Pancakes, can I have some dad?" "Not yet, they still time before there ready" he said
Going back, They are on the other side of the river. "Guys" I Yell out from the other side.
(New Character: Name: Sariah, Gender: Female, Age: 7, Apperance: Caucasian, Blonde Hair, Blue Eyes, a white shirt and blue jeans, Weapon: a knife)
Funds: 21 63
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