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Apocalypse Roleplay (Zombies)
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Apocalypse Roleplay (Zombies)

Welcome to the most advanced zombie roleplay group on ROBLOX as of 10/20/13
The 20th of every six months is a year in the roleplay. Please don't join if you're not going to be active. Here are the rules:
1) No overpowering yourself. (Don't give yourself an assault rifle at the start)

2) Keep it real. (No power-bending, super powers, or other unrealistic things)

3) you may cuss; just censor it.

4) No getting random supplies. If you need to build something, limit what you have.
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-She then shifted now slowly to the nearest tree, and without hesitation, she climbed up it. She was barely able to grapple onto a branch. She was so slow with too much pain that the zombies eventually got to her and one grabbed her ankle. It opened it's mouth wide, though Ivy swooped downwards and stabbed it with her machete. She then climbed faster, and she was safe away from them on the 3rd branch. She lay there panting, and closing her eyes to blink away the agony.
-Her machete's werent too far from her, though she was in agony. She was pretty sure her wrist was broken. Now, the only thing to do was to exit out the back. She stood up, ignored the pain, and grabbed her machetes. She then limped over to the back door, and with her last strength, opened it. It was quite hard to open it because of her wrist and the car was upside down. She made a run for it- or more like a quick limp. The zombies noticed where she went and they followed her. She then shifted n
(Ok. I don't remember where I left off, but I remember about Ivy and Marina. For now, I'll play Ivy.) Ivy gasped as the gas in the vehicle's tank was now completely empty. She could also hear loud roaring of zombies that were just a couple seconds away from her, an now, they began banging on all side of the engine. "!" Just when Ivy decided to get up from the chair, the zombies found a way to capsize it. Ivy rolled with the RV as it flopped over, and she was helplessly stuck to the floor. Her ma
(Where was I...?)
(That's not what I'm saying, just try and be realistic. And also try not to act like a jerk.)
the soldiers that went after the person in th tree were brutally killed,after they cleared the state,russell and his party left the army,and joshua left too(I forgot to give joshua a character sheet so,British,25,once in SAS with Russell 3 years ago,has blonde hair,smart,sarcastic when not on duty)so the party started a search for the man in the tree"probably in the city"suggested joshua
(ungh,do you want me to start over?)
Matthew looked at the clouds, and his watch. Mid-Afternoon. He looked around. His cabin near the lake was empty with some furniture & food supplies to last him a week. The city was about 2 days away on his bike. He had a 1991 Colt but it had only 3 bullets. He kept it under his shirt, in his pocket. He got up, and began biking to the city, ready to get supplies.
[Name - Matthew Bevlagari. Race - Half-Italian & American. Age - 25. Looks: Brown hair that covers the back of his head and forehead. Orange eyes, and has a watch that works. Wears a Black Bandana around his neck. Alignment - Chaotic Neutral, kills if necessary or threatened. Weapons - Combat Knife. Personality - Intelligent. Kind to those who trusts, but has a short & gigantic temper.]
(But, this group is supposed to be realistic.)
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