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Apocalypse Roleplay (Zombies)
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Apocalypse Roleplay (Zombies)

Welcome to the most advanced zombie roleplay group on ROBLOX as of 10/20/13
The 20th of every six months is a year in the roleplay. Please don't join if you're not going to be active. Here are the rules:
1) No overpowering yourself. (Don't give yourself an assault rifle at the start)

2) Keep it real. (No power-bending, super powers, or other unrealistic things)

3) you may cuss; just censor it.

4) No getting random supplies. If you need to build something, limit what you have.
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Drew nodded and took our his revolver, ready in case something went down.
Hoakly saw them"thank god!I wasnt alone on getting them out of here!"hoakly said happily,then gave Jacob,katy,and joshua a rifle then picked russell back up"lets go"hoakly said//russell is out cold,the wound was getting worse,so katy ggrabbed a 1st aid kit on the way out they got in a car and drove
Riley as he got the chance shot the revolver up in the air. He told 3 Russians to run and come back. They were drunk so they listened. He hid behind a bush and watched people chase them. He quickly went to Russell and his party. "Remember me? Doesn't matter right now, kill all of the Anarchy members. Leave the Russians alive."/// Jason was alerted about the noise. He followed the professor and courier to the jeep. They drove off so fast. "What happened? But, my friend! He could have died!"
on the way to jason,hoakly leaned over to drew,and asked"can I tell you something?"he wanted to set the prisoners free
"Uh..." Drew said. He was secretly waiting to free the prisoners.
"it's sunset,sorry gotta take you to jason"hoakly said to russell,and he helped russell up,and had to carry him the knife wound had messed him up bad,and hoakly saw it it was a special knife knife cut it would harm so bad that they couldnt walk for two weeks"sorry man about the wound"he said to russell as he carried him to jason,and jason looked unhappy about how bad he was hurt
Joshua saw this and aimed at the guard with his smuggled gun"no,we'll get caught before we escape"said russell while he lowered joshua's gun
IxFiringxLazers Jason replied "When the sun sets. Its not long." He looks at his watch. He then got up and wandered around to see if he can speak with the other kid.///Riley asked a civilian to cause a big dragon. He gave him a bottle of b33r to bribe him. The person began to make a speech about the prisoners. One guard still kept his feet and watched Russel.
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