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The Robloxain Artists
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The Robloxain Artists

The robloxain artists AKA The Robloxian Artists is a paitning / drawing group. For short we call it T.R.A.  I'm the owner of this group and im hoping it will get big. :3 So if you like to paint or draw or anything join this group.  I'm still working on the ranks and everything. XD   Please try to get this group big and tell your friends about it!

And heres how it works: I stand on my thing and your at your painting board I say the theme axample: Me: Animals.  then you paint the best you can a picture of an animal. theres a time limit you get 5 mins then when I say sit on the stool closest to your painting you sit on it, I come around and look at the paintings, I judge them and if you get a high score you get a rank up.

1. only paint on your board.
2. don't paint on / over the walls.
3. do your best.
4. follow the theme.
5. no painting randomly everywhere.
6. and that's about all for rules.
7. No spamming the wall D:
8. No HAX :P

bye :P


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