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Cupcake Cheer Squad
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Cupcake Cheer Squad

Welcome to Cupcake Cheer Squad! We are active and we do have a schedule. Our goal is to be the 2nd most popular and most active cheerleading group on Roblox! We reached 100 members on 7/11/14!
♛We were made on April 11, 2013♛
IMPORTANT: The only way for me to host tryouts, practices, etc. is party invites. If your settings are not set to All Users, please make it All Users, and I will be sending you party invites to confirm for me to host tryouts, practices, etc.
• Tryouts are daily
• Practices are daily
• Assistant Tests are Tuesday and Thursday
• Competition Team Tryouts are Saturday, Sunday, and Wednesday
>>Cupcake Handbook *UPDATED*<<
>>Cupcake Cheer and Routine<<
>>Tryout/Practicing Place<<

[MSG] I made a clan! Assistants+ will get an invitation on this group page if they would like to join the clan! [Tryouts] Might host today. [Practice] Might host today.
kaleigh223 7/31/2014 9:50:13 PM
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Groups have the ability to create and sell official shirts, pants, and t-shirts! All revenue goes to group funds.

below the owner is at camp she will be back July 31 but im not sure if the assistant has took them yet :P
Hey have not been talking so heyyyy
[MSG] I have to leave on another camping trip, so if tryouts/practice aren't held between July 20-31, don't complain! I won't be back until July 31!
@below, I will party some people who are online and allow party invites, the rest I will tell them on the group shout. By the way, I'm going to put you in Level 2 so you don't have to start over. c;
oh & how are we going to know when it is if the only way is party
sorry but i click the leave group button when i got mad then when i saw what u wrote i ###### again but now i need to start over ):
@below, please don't complain that you can't make it to practice. Asking about it being hosted isn't going to get you anywhere. Today, you had a chance to level up, but you didn't make it..... (Please do not PM me anything rude or you will get exiled from Cupcake...)
i will leave if i never rank up because it has been awhile
I wanna rank up to 6 please
I want to rank up to level 3 too
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