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Alversian Peoples' Navy
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Alversian Peoples' Navy
This is APN. A group founded on morality and honor that seeks to uphold justice. With our long history, we have proved to be successful in military and diplomacy. It ran from February 27 2010 to March 8 2014. It went under leadership of Reaven, Bobatheman, and Varnassi in its time. 

APN was based on the idea that being immoral and selfish is not necessary to run an effective group, despite what much of Roblox seems to point to. 

Reaven ended it on the basis of Roblox's continually descending community and morality. It was best to memorialize APN for its values, rather than let it fall apart apart slowly and stop representing what it was intended to. 

National Clan of Robloxia
Prime Legion
 Imperial Legionnaires
Alversian Academy
Salurian Royal Armada
The Crimson Republic
Dark Ninja Empire
National Elite Army
The BTMpire
Raven Guard

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