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(CU) República de Cuba
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(CU) República de Cuba

República de Cuba - Republic of Cuba ■ ■ 
Patria o Muerte -Homeland or Death ■ ■ 
The official and largest Cuban group on Roblox. Cuban Constitution: 
■ ■ Defeated:  
■ ■ Current Conflicts: At Peace ■ ■ 
Presidential Wall: HybridEffect, Smoothie71

■ ■ Drivers Handbook: [COMING SOON] ■ ■ 12/25/2012

Personal Servers
[MEX] República de Mexico.
[INT] United Airlines
[WP] The Warsaw Pact.
[VC] Holy See
(UN) United Nations
[Jp]  Japan
[CR]  Republic Of Costa Rica
Republic of St Paul
[SUI] The Republic of Switzerland
{NATO} The North Atlantic Treaty Organization
Bald Eagle ®
[CZE] Czechoslovakia
[CUBA] Congress
[CUBA] Police
[CUBA] Policía Secret
[CUBA] Departamento de Transporte
[CUBA] Ministry of Cuba
[CUBA] Ministry of Justice
[CUBA] Ministerio de Defensa/ Ministry of Defense
[CUBA] Fuerzas Speciales/Special Forces
[CUBA] Fuerzas Armadas Revolucionarias
[USA]Department of State

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Funds: 1K+ 3K+
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